I’m not just here to be your coach.

My style is a blend of teaching, education and coaching so you finish our time together equipped with the knowledge and tools you need to support yourself.

All my offerings are designed to help you know yourself and trust yourself first and foremost. I don’t teach or use step-by-step methods or formulas, you and your experience is always at the forefront. I trust you to know yourself first and foremost (even if you don’t feel like it).

Explore My Offerings

If you’re looking for support to master your mindset, overcome limiting beliefs and habits like self-sabotage, procrastination and self-doubt try Conditioned To Thrive or Private Mindset and Life Coaching.

If you’re a coach or service-based solopreneur starting or growing your business and looking for Mindset and Business Coaching Support try Momentum and Private Mindset and Life Coaching.

If you’re looking to upskill so you can support yourself or others with deep subconscious transformation, mindset, energy and nervous system tools and techniques, try the Embodied Mindset Method.

Here’s How We Can Work Together: 

Conditioned To Thrive:

Set yourself up with the foundational mindset, magic and mechanics knowledge, tools and practices to create meaningful, sustainable change, build momentum and actually do the things you want to.

You’ll uncover your own unique-to-you process to create/do any part of life or business the way YOU want to, minus the hustle and burnout of fitting into the mould of how it *should* be done.

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Momentum Business Activator:

Group coaching (with the option to add 1:1 sessions for additional support) for coaches and other service-based business owners in the early stages of starting and growing their business. This is for you if you know you need mindset and business coaching support to cut through overwhelm, overcome imposter complex and self-doubt and get clarity on the strategy and action steps you need to take to grow your coaching business in a way that feels good and gets results.

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Embodied Mindset Method:

The Embodied Mindset Method is an in-depth course for coaches, healers, consultants and anyone wanting to support their clients or team members to tap into their power and potential. You’ll learn specific tools and techniques, to support you and your clients to shift limiting beliefs, build nervous system capability and capacity, master their energy and tap into instant confidence, self-belief and more.

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Private Coaching:

Mindset, Energy and Life Coaching OR Mindset, Energy and Business Coaching

A bespoke coaching experience for people who are ready to answer the voice inside that says “This isn’t it. I know there’s something more…that I’m meant for something more. And I’m ready to find it.” I don’t teach cookie-cutter solutions. When we work together we dive deep into understanding how YOU work best, and setting you up with the mindset, magic and mechanics to thrive in all parts of your life and business in a deeply transformative and truly sustainable way.

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