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You’re here because you know you’re holding  back in some way...

You know there’s something more out there for you...

  • You dream of doing work with meaning, taking your business or career to the next level, being more confident in who you are, or perhaps you’re not even sure exactly what it is you want, it’s just something…more. Something different. 
  • But underneath that yearning there’s this constant nagging voice that tells you the kind of life or business you’re dreaming of isn’t possible for someone like you.
  • You’ve spent your life doing what's expected of you. Ticking all the boxes and doing the ‘right’ thing, yet you’re constantly doubting yourself and worrying what others think. 
  • You’re ready to draw a line in the sand, to let go of the limitations and labels that are holding you back you back but worry you’ve left it too late. Can you really create the life or business you dream you actually have what it takes to do the thing you really (maybe secretly) want (but think you can’t)?

Ultimately, you dream of throwing off the shackles and expectations you feel weighing you down and living a life or growing a business that is more YOU than ever before. One that allows you to truly and deeply thrive.

I work with big-hearted and sensitive humans searching for the clarity, courage and confidence to take their next step. One that is true and right for them, that meets their own definition of success (not necessarily what everyone else tells them they *should* be doing).

New and growing coaches, heart-centred and values-led business owners, entrepreneurs, career-change seekers, C-Suite Execs and writers. Stay at home mums, mums returning to work, hairdressers, nurses, policy-makers, project officers, social workers and teachers…in fact, what you *do* for work isn’t *the difference-that-makes-a-difference* in who I work with. 

I’ve even worked with people who aren’t sure what they want or why they’re even here. 

The difference-that-makes-a-difference is their inner knowing that they’re holding back in some way, and they're ready to change that. 

Most importantly: Every single one of them wants to explore what might be possible if they didn’t hold back.

What’s possible beyond self-doubt?

Beyond feeling stuck and settling?

Beyond people-pleasing and the labels and limitations they feel trapped by?

What's possibile can
look like...


// Starting and growing their businesses in a way that embraces their strengths and uniqueness, that feels good and gets results

// Changing careers to do work that feels deeply fulfilling (and once felt impossible)

// Publishing books

// Cultivating more confidence in all parts of their life 

// Getting clarity on their next evolution or part of their life or business when they're at a cross-roads

 // Doing the things that scare them - whether that's asking the people at the next table to pass the salt, or living their life for themselves first (not everyone else).* 

*All actual examples of outcomes my clients have created for themselves through our work together

Private 1:1 Coaching is a 5 month experience where you’ll receive personalised support to get clarity on your goals and mindset, nervous system and energy coaching so you can take action to make those goals your reality.

What is included:

//We meet fortnightly via zoom for 60 minutes where we work together to support you to be in action towards your goals. In a session we might navigate a mindset challenge, choosing a different (more supportive) perspective, shift a limiting belief or negative emotion, tune into your vision more deeply and map out the action steps you’ll take before we meet again.

// In between sessions we connect and I support you using a free app called Voxer (similar to WhatsApp) that allows us to share voice and text notes.

// I provide additional support and resources as needed. For example audio processes, worksheets, content review or accountability check-ins as agreed on.

Im In! Book a Discovery Call.

Laura is my go-to-gal...when it comes to all things mindset.


Her knowledge and ability to break things down into easily actionable chunks means that I can get to the core of the issue faster and make improvements that last a lifetime.

Mindset work can be overwhelming for me at times so Laura helps me process what is happening subconsciously and gain an understanding around how it happens, why it happens and if I wish to change things in the future – how I can do so.

If you are serious about working on the way you think and how you show up for yourself every single day, then you MUST work with Laura.

Jade McKenzie, Founder, Event Head & General Manager Zea Relief


If you are thinking of working with Laura, don’t hesitate and jump in with both feet!!


Before I started working with Laura I felt overwhelmed managing ‘parts’ of myself and had some inner-conflict about moving forward with my professional life.

Through our time together Laura helped me uncover and identify stories that were holding me back. When I identified them I felt like EVERYTHING made sense. I could see how I was subconsciously holding myself back and sabotaging myself. When we shifted and transformed those stories and beliefs using NLP and coaching, my gosh that felt SO illuminating and freeing. Now I feel so much more aligned and rather than feeling resentful, I have a clear direction for where I am going and why.

This work and woman is powerful and could very well change your whole life.

Kate Cashman


The Process

1. Book a Discovery Call.
These calls are no obligation and support you to decide if coaching is right for you

2. Sign the agreement and set-up your payments if on a plan. You'll receive access to your own private 1:1 coaching portal

3. Schedule Sessions
(via Zoom) and connect via Voxer for support between sessions

4. Complete a pre-session questionnaire.
This begins the coaching process, giving you clarity even before our first session)

5: We meet for our first session and set powerful goals for our time together that light you up

6: Remaining sessions take place bi-weekly

7. Access ongoing support between our sessions as needed

Your Investment

There are two Private 1:1 Coaching packages available:
Mindset and Life Coaching and Mindset and Business Coaching. 

Mindset & Life Coaching

$605 AUD/month

includes GST for Australian residents

  • 5 months, 10 bi-weekly sessions
  • Voice note and text support between sessions as needed
  • Additional resources unique to you and your goals as needed

Mindset & Business Coaching

$1050 AUD/month

includes GST for Australian residents

  • 5 months, 10 bi-weekly sessions 
  • Voice note and text support between sessions as needed
  • Strategy, content and copy review as needed
  • Additional resources unique to you and your goals as needed

Hi! I'm Laura...

An internationally-certified coach here to help you create the life and business you really want (not the one you think you have to settle for).


If you’ve got a feeling that you’re meant for more, if you know you've been holding back and are being called to whole-heartedly step into the vision you have for your life or business, I'm here to help you make it happen.

With my signature Mindset, Magic and Mechanics framework, I'm passionate about working with big-hearted, sensitive and values-led humans searching for the clarity, courage and confidence to explore what might be possible if they ditched self-doubt, mastered their mindset, and unshackled from the labels and limitations they feel trapped by.

I combine neuroscience, subconscious transformation, energy and nervous system coaching with a background in business and over 9 years of business and life coaching to help clients master the internal (mindset, energy and nervous system) and the external (actions and strategies) foundations to create lives and businesses that support them to be the boldest, most unapologetic expression of who they truly are and that feel good and get results.

I've been featured in publications including Sunday Life Magazine, the Sydney Morning Herald and Good Health Magazine. I'm also a regular guest presenter in the area of mindset and subconscious transformation at workshops, online courses and events, and the General Manager and a coach trainer with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and a co-coach for The Queen Of Confidence.

If you're ready to create the life or business you *really* want (not the one you think you have to have), I'm here to help you do that. 



When I started working with Laura I wasn't happy in my career, I knew a direction I wanted to take but didn't know the stepping stones to get there and I knew I needed support to make the change happen.

After working with Laura I feel fantastic. I have a plan, I have a focus, I feel more confident and I know that it is ok to focus on me for a little while. I’ve enrolled to study my dream career and I can’t wait. Laura was such a calm and grounded support. She helped me tune into what was right for me and then work through all the thoughts that came up telling me “You can’t do that” so they no longer hold me back. Laura helped my work on my mindset and gave me strategies that were so supportive to help me with my confidence and also in dealing with different people in my life. Laura really helped me navigate a challenging time both in a work and personal context.

James Godkin, Dublin, Ireland