Hi! I’m Laura.

Lover of coffee and wordle in the morning, being in nature (beach or forest, I’m not fussy), my little floofs (two dogs and two cats) and frequent hair-colour changes.
I love working with people who really want something different for themselves, their life or business, but know that they’re holding back in some way.
If you know you’re meant for something else (even if you’re not clear on exactly what that is), if you've tried (or are maybe even still trying) to do what's 'expected'...to tick all the boxes and be 'successful' in life or business and instead you’re constantly doubting yourself or worrying what others think...I'm here to help you find a new way.
If you’re ready to do the  thing you really (perhaps even secretly) want, but think you can’t, make the life or business you dream of your reality (despite that inner voice that’s telling you you don’t have what it takes) and finally live a life or grow a business that lets you be the boldest, most unapologetic and truest reflection of you...let's get cracking!

Through my coaching, teaching, workshops and free resources, I combine neuroscience, mindset, nervous system support, energy coaching and strategy to support big-hearted and sensitive humans searching for the clarity, courage and confidence to explore what's possible if they ditch self-doubt, master their mindset and let go of the labels and limitations they feel trapped by.

How did I get here?


I grew up as the quintessential 'good girl'. Always focused on doing the 'right' thing, I was constantly anxious and worried about meeting other people’s expectations.

After a car accident and a tough truth from someone I love, I went on a journey to become the sort of person I wanted to be and to live a life that I wanted to live – not the life I thought I ‘had’ to live.

Working with a coach was a game-changer for me. I learnt that I could change my thoughts and that when I did I felt completely different and I was able to take consistent action towards my goals and creating the life I dreamt of living, but that up until now had felt impossibly out of reach.

Mind. Blown. 🤯

So began my deep love affair with mindset work. I threw myself into learning everything I could about the mind and how it works. I studied life coaching, neuroscience, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping), hypnosis, the Nervous System, Energy Coaching and more. I wanted to learn as much as I could about how the mind works and how we can tap into our mindset, specifically our subconscious, and use it to support us to create the life we most want to live.

  The thing I’ve come back to time and time again - or as I like to call it ‘the difference that makes a difference’ - has been in my ability to support myself with the mindset, magic and mechanics that allows me to keep taking action to create a life and business that I couldn't have even imagined for myself 10 years ago. A life and business that allows me to be ME, rather than living according to 'shoulds', the expectations and the labels I once felt trapped by.

Why am I so passionate about this work?


Because I know that for both life and business when you’re empowered with the knowledge, tools and support to master your mindset; when you know how to operate from an energetic and emotional state with a regulated nervous system that supports you to be in action and when you combine this with taking the *right* action for YOU (no cookie-cutter methods or ‘X steps to success’ here), you can bring your vision and dreams to life, do the things you think you can’t and live a life that is 100% the truest, boldest and most beautiful reflection of you.


This is the place for you if:
> self-doubt is holding you back

> you feel overwhelmed by what everyone else is doing and like you’re never good enough

> you constantly worrying about what other people think and know you’re not saying, doing or taking action towards what you really want and the life you truly want to live (even if you’re not 100% clear what that is)

> you’re looking for knowledge and training to support yourself, your own clients or team more deeply with transformational mindset, nervous system and energy work.

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Here are some of my Professional Background and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Business Management (UTas)
  • Certified Beautiful You Life Coach (Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Master Practitioner (multiple trainings most recently with Hayley Carr)
  • Devoted Energy Coach (Devoted Energy Coaching School)
  • Cultivate - Trauma Informed Space Holding Training (Katie Kurtz)
  • Represented - DEI Training for online business (Annie Gichuru)
  • The Neuroscience Academy Certificate of completion in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health
  • Nervous System School - Vagus Nerve Program
  • Evolution Nervous System Training - Elisha Halpin (currently studying)
  • 15+ years experience in event management, communications and strategy across a range of sectors and industries. 
  • I joyfully hold the positions of Trainer and General Manager for the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.
  • I am a Co-Coach for The Queen of Confidence, Erika Cramer in her global Sistahood Program

My Professional Bio:

Laura Banks is a coach on a mission to help you create a life or business that is the boldest, most unapologetic expression of who you truly are.

Through her 1:1 and group coaching programs, podcast, YouTube channel and speaking, Laura works with big-hearted and sensitive humans searching for the clarity, courage and confidence to explore what might be possible if they ditched self-doubt, mastered their mindset and let go of the labels and limitations they feel trapped by.

Known for her grounded and practical style that makes complex topics relatable and actionable, Laura combines neuroscience, subconscious transformation, energy and nervous system coaching with a background in business and over 9 years of coaching in her signature Mindset, Magic and Mechanics framework, teaching people how to master the internal (mindset, energy and nervous system) and the external (actions and strategies) foundations of creating a life or business that is more you than ever before.

Laura is also the General Manager and a Trainer with with Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, and a support coach with The Queen Of Confidence.